Merlin specialises in medical relief, saving lives in times of crisis and helping to rebuild shattered health services. We provide medical care to those affected by natural disasters, war or disease regardless of politics, religion or race. Merlin works with local communities long after the crisis to build health systems that are sustainable and will last for years to come.

By supporting Merlin, your gifts could help to train midwives in Afghanistan and Liberia, or setup maternity clinics in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Merlin’s medical experts also responded within hours of the earthquake in Haiti and the devastating floods in Pakistan. We are still delivering emergency medical aid to those affected by these disasters and we will stay for as long as it takes to revive these health systems.

For every £1 we spend, 96p goes towards directly towards our field programmes. The remaining 4p is spent on raising more funds and supporting governance costs. We can guarantee your support will go a long way to directly helping those in the greatest need.

By signing up to Workplace Giving today, you can help us change the lives of some of the world’s most vulnerable people.