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A rising tide of animal cruelty, RSPCA cruelty statistics for 2011 announced

25 April 2012

The number of people convicted of cruelty and neglect to animals rose by nearly a quarter last year, according to RSPCA figures.

Cases revealed ahead of our major fundraising push, RSPCA Week 2012, include: a dog repeatedly stabbed with a potato peeler, a dog who was the only survivor in a house of horror where five animals died of starvation, a blind kitten found dumped in a carrier bag and two cases involving tens of dogs kept in squalid conditions.

As well as a rise in those convicted under the Animal Welfare Act and other legislation, 2011 also saw an increase in bans on keeping animals and the number of prison sentences imposed for animal cruelty.

Our latest cruelty figures for 2011 reveal:

  • 23.5 per cent rise in the number of people convicted for cruelty and neglect (1,341)
  • 22 per cent rise in the convictions relating to cruelty to dogs (2,105)
  • 21 per cent increase in disqualifications imposed by courts (1,100)
  • 27 per cent rise in prison sentences imposed by courts (74)
  • 9.3 per cent increase in the numbers of people reported to our prosecutions team (3,036)
  • 13 per cent rise in the number of phone calls received by the RSPCA (1,314,795)

Pets were not the only victims. Cases involving farm animals rose last year, as well as convictions relating to equines (230 in 2011).

RSPCA chief executive Gavin Grant said: “The RSPCA faces a crisis that is stretching us to breaking point. We show zero tolerance to animal abusers. Anyone causing animals pain for profit or pleasure will be tracked down and prosecuted. We need the courts and councils, police and people who care to join us in standing up and getting justice for Britain’s abused animals.”

However, there were some amazing stories of survival. Maggie May, a lurcher-type dog, survived against all the odds after two men broke her back and stabbed her with a potato peeler before dumping her and leaving her to die. Thanks to the efforts of the RSPCA and veterinary staff, Maggie May now has a fantastic new life in a caring new home.

A dog called Beethoven was the sole survivor in what’s been described as a ‘house of horror’. He was left to die along with another dog, two cats and two small animals. The other animals all suffered a slow and painful death from starvation. But Beethoven miraculously survived and now has a great new life.

We can’t continue to help animals like this without your support.  Sally Case, head of RSPCA prosecutions, said:” The RSPCA strives to keep animals with their owners wherever possible and offers advice on improving their welfare. Overwhelmingly this advice is followed, but where it isn’t, or where someone has already harmed an animal, there has to be a way of ensuring that animals are not left to suffer.”

“The RSPCA is the charity people turn to – but we are struggling to continue providing this service. Of course we work closely with governmental and other charitable organisations, but we are the main organisation which prosecutes those who abuse animals and which can prevent cruelty to animals. We can’t do this without the help and support of the public and we need it now more than ever. Please support RSPCA Week 2012.”

This year’s RSPCA Week is Monday, 30 April to Sunday, 6 May. You can also make a donation from pay for RSPCA Week – a gift, no matter how small, will really help to make sure we’re there for animals in need.

We can’t do it without you. Thank you for your support.

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