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How it works

Imagine giving to charity in the most efficient way. Even the tax man gives, so your gifty goes up to 40% further automatically. Making the difference when and where it matters most. Workplace Giving: It's quite simply the best place to give.
  • Step 1

    It's so easy to set up. Just fill in one form. There's no Direct Debit. No Gift Aid. We will let your payroll department and chosen charity know you want to start giving and this should start in 4 - 6 weeks.

  • Step 2

    Your donation goes that extra bit further. Your chosen charity automatically receives your gift tax-free when you give directly through your pay. Your gift could go up to 45% further - making a difference where it matters most.

  • Step 3

    Maximum benefits for your charity. Regular giving from the workplace allows charities to plan confidently for the future and saves on their admin costs too. Meaning you're supporting them in more ways than one.

Working with us

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