RNIB-sponsorshipFor over 70 years, RNIB’s flagship service has been bringing the kind of books you would find in your local library or bookshop right into people’s homes. Over the years, we have been developing a quality service, focussed on what our customers want. All our books are unabridged and, using our special DAISY software, normally on one CD. With over 16,000 titles to choose from our customer have a wider choice of books to enjoy. This is a lifeline to over 40,000 people across the country.

“The books are all so very special, I don’t know what I would do without them”

Edna Smith (not her real name) is a typical member. She lives alone and manages to survive on a state pension. She has always been an avid reader, but when her sight failed a few years ago, she thought she would never be able to do the one thing she loved, read. Now, since joining the Talking Book Service she can, once again, do the thing she enjoys so much. She can select her books.

You can help us to produce books that bring pleasure to thousands of blind and partially sighted people.

Minimum donation – £83.33 per month (over a year)

You can pay for one of your books to be added to the library. It will be recorded in its entirety by one of our professional narrators (of our choice) and have your name recorded at the start of the book for everyone to hear.

Your donation will cover the costs of

  • The selection process – we select approximately 800 titles a year
  • Purchasing the print copies of the book
  • Recording the complete Talking Book in one of our studios with a professional narrator (of our choice)
  • Adding the special DAISY software to allow full navigation throughout the book

In return

We will add your name to the recording of the book of our choice (please note, the title will be carefully selected to be sympathetic with the sponsor, whenever possible a list of books available will be submitted).

Supply you with a commemorative pack which will include:

  • A CD with your name printed on the label and with the opening announcement recorded on it. (Talking Book members will receive a DAISY book to keep)
  • A print copy of the book, with a bookplate inserted
  • Some commemorative items
  • Information about the work of the Talking Book Service and RNIB

Less than 5% of books published are in a format that can be read by people with sight problems. By sponsoring a Talking Book today, you can help us to increase the choice of reading material available to blind and partially sighted people living in your community.