Every day, people in the world’s poorest communities are dying due to diseases caused by a lack of adequate sanitation facilities and a lack of knowledge of good hygiene practice. In total, diarrhoea kills more children every year than malaria, HIV/AIDS and measles combined.  These deaths are entirely preventable and the simple act of hand washing with soap at crucial times can reduce the risk of diarrhoea by 47%.

Minimum donation – £10 a month

In Nafadji, a low income area of Mali’s capital, Bamako, Awa Coulibaly, a widow and mother of seven is promoting hygiene and earning a living by making and selling soap. As Treasurer of a water committee set up with WaterAid’s help, Awa collects the money from people paying for using the local water point.

Awa (pictured above) quickly began to see the benefit of clean water on her community, she says “children used to fetch water and didn’t have time for learning, now they are at school and they love it. Before we got the water pump with clean water, there was so much illness”.

After receiving hygiene education training from WaterAid, Awa recognised that without soap for washing people were still at risk of illness. She began to realise that although people in her community wanted to wash, they were struggling to afford soap. With support from WaterAid Awa started a soap making business with other local women.

Now, they spend their Saturday’s producing soap to sell at an affordable price. The small profit they make is invested back in the business.  By giving local people the knowledge and skills they need to start their own business, WaterAid is able to help families lift themselves out of poverty.

As Awa says, “Before women didn’t have access to decision-making. Now men accept that women speak. The village has developed in so many ways: it is safer and there is lots of small business here. If women work, everything works.”

Your £10 a month can bring lasting change through:

  • Funding a soap making business for two people, allowing them to support their families in a sustainable way
  • Through selling soap in their community at an affordable price the business will bring health to many people by reducing the risk of diseases such as diarrhoea
  • Empowering women in communities like Awa’s by giving them a voice and a vital role to play

In return

In return for making this life-changing gift we will send you a pack including with more information about the soap making business and a small gift to show our appreciation of your support.