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Workplace Giving Calculator

Find out how much your charity will get from your donation through Workplace Giving.

Enter a donation amount:

then my chosen charity would receive…


My Tax Band

Please note that we have calculated that the 40% higher rate tax band starts after earning £42,385 GROSS per year (including personal allowance of £10,600) and 45% super tax is applicable to those earning over £150,000 GROSS per year (this includes any and all personal allowances that might or might not be applicable).

You can even work out how much it will be to give an hour of your pay or a % of your wage.

Tell me my hourly rate

Below you can calculate what it would cost to give just one hour* of your time or a small percentage of your salary to your chosen charity.

* The 'hourly rate' is calculated on a standard 35 hour working week.

Enter your annual salary:

So your hourly rate is

Enter your annual salary:

Just 1% of your salary would be…

£0.0 per year £0.00 per month £0.00 per week

And your chosen charity would receive each month

Just 1% of your salary would be Just 2% of your salary would be Just 5% of your salary would be
£00.00 per month
£0.00 per week
£00.00 per month
£0.00 per week
£00.00 per month
£0.00 per week

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