We knew that this young, contemporary company and workforce would be interested in Workplace Giving, if they were given an easy opportunity to take part and that with 26,000 employees across the UK, we were aware that there was a fantastic opportunity for UK charities.

Although the scheme had been in place for 10 years, very few were taking part as the scheme was rarely promoted.  We wanted to change this and in late 2005 we launched a structured promotional campaign in HQ and the 3,000 store network.

We found that many staff we spoke with had never heard of the scheme, but once we made it easy for them, they signed up in their hundreds!

Currently over 2,300 staff are giving, up dramatically from the 73 when we launched and in the last 4 years of our partnership, employees have raised over £650,000

“We are really thrilled at how popular the scheme has been and this has been down to our partnership with the team at Workplace Giving UK.”

Niamh Collings, Reward Manager Arcadia