Payroll Giving Agents

Choose who you work with

You, the employer can chose from a number of Payroll Giving Agents to administer your scheme – registering takes just a few minutes, and we’ll be on hand to help. We work in partnership with them all to make this easy for you.

The main Payroll Giving Agents we work with:

  • Charities Aid Foundation

    Charities Aid Foundation Logo

    The Charities Aid Foundation manages over 6,000 employers participating in Workplace Giving on a national and international basis. We support the HM Government funded Payroll Giving Quality Mark and give practical support to employers on how to get the best out of their scheme.

    Charities Aid Foundation charge a 4% administration fee (with a minimum 25p per employee per month).

  • Charities Trust

    Charities Trust Logo

    Charities Trust reputation is regarded as one of the most proactive and effective Payroll Giving Agencies in the UK.

    New clients want to work with Charities Trust due to our robust processing and creative solutions, combined with supportive and effective account management with a ‘Can Do’ attitude that delivers solutions which add value. Your company could benefit from award winning creative solutions such as our Payroll Giving Xtra Factor which index links employee’s donations with no extra work for your payroll team.

    Charities Trust charge a flat fee of 25p per employee per month for the administration.

  • Charitable Giving

    Charitable Giving Logo

    Charitable Giving is one of the largest and longest established Payroll Giving Agents and provides a competitive, nationwide service.

    Although having contracts with many large employers such as the Ministry of Defence, HM Revenue & Customs, and Morrisons, our team of knowledgeable and professional staff provide a high quality service to all employers alike, ensuring an informed and personal approach through dedicated account management.

    Charitable Giving’s administration charge can be agreed on a percentage or fixed-cost basis, the standard rates for companies introduced by Workplace Giving UK being 4% or £0.25 per employee per month, respectively.

  • KKL

    KKL logo

    KKL is a registered charity and is the largest and oldest organisation of its kind in the Jewish community. KKL offer a professional, impartial and independent range of services including Payroll Giving, Charity Accounts, Charity Voucher Accounts for Corporate Clients and Gifts of shares, allowing individuals and organisations to make simple tax efficient donations to any UK registered charity or charities of their choice.

    KKL’s USP is that they turn around Workplace Giving donations within 14 days of the monies being received from the employer.

    KKL charge a 3% administration fee.

Lightening the load

The Payroll Giving Agent is there to make your payroll department’s work easier by distributing donations to your employees’ chosen charities. Your payroll department sends one monthly payment to the Agent – even if your employees are paid weekly.

Your payroll department sets up deductions for employees taking part – like a pension deduction. These are made before tax but after NI deduction. Payroll sends donations to the Payroll Giving Agent monthly, who sends them to the chosen charities.

Your payroll department will need to send the Agent a list of employees taking part with the monthly payments, detailing how much they are giving.  They also need to notify them if someone leaves the company and their donation has stopped.

On average it takes about 10 minutes per month for your payroll department to administer Workplace Giving.

We’ll make it easy

  • The Payroll Giving Agent charges a small administration fee for their work – you can pay this or it can be deducted from your employees’ donations.
  • We can supply you with a contract for any of the above Payroll Giving Agents.
  • Setting up the scheme only requires filling out two forms.

Over to you

Once Workplace Giving is set up, it’s up to you to promote the scheme effectively to your employees.  But don’t worry, we won’t just leave you to your own devices. We’re here to offer our support and expertise in promoting Workplace Giving – if you want it.  There are also ways you can enhance the scheme and we encourage you to do this as a way of supporting your employees. Contact us for more information.

All Payroll Giving Agents are registered charities, controlled by the Charitable Deductions (Approved Schemes) Regulations 1986. This originates from the Taxes Act 1988, Section 202 and Statutory Instrument 1986 no. 2211.