How to enhance

All-singing schemes. Dictator or facilitator?

Of course your employees want to choose which charities they support – whether the cause is environmental, supporting animals, helping overseas or something closer to home. So what better way to get your team on side than to back their choice rather than choosing for them?

Adapting your current scheme couldn’t be easier – we’ll even show you how to integrate it into your Corporate Social Responsibility or Community Investment Programme.

Over £9.5 million was added by employers in enhancement last year.  And if you join the growing numbers of employers choosing to enhance their employee’s donations then this is a gift to charity and hence can qualify as a company Gift Aid donation and is deductible from the employer’s Corporation Tax profit

Here are a few ways to add some extra bells to your existing scheme:


You can offer £ for £ matching over a specific time period – either on a first come first served basis, until you exhaust your budget – or cap with a monthly limit


Make a one-off donation from £5-£100, when they join the Workplace Giving Scheme, to the charity your employee chooses


Like matching, except you add 10-50% onto the employee’s donation

Prize Giver

Offer that something extra to encourage them to get involved. From a prize draw for tickets to New York or vouchers for the High Street, its a nice to get something extra when you give back!


Most employers pay the administration fee as well as one of the other options. Simply add the administration fee charged by the Payroll Giving Agency to the cheque or BACS payment sent by payroll. That way, you ensure every penny given by the employee actually gets to the charity. You’ll pay between 2-4% of the employee’s donation.

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