Today, the Thai Children’s Trust does more than any UK charity for the children of Thailand.  Our mission is to support the most needy children in Thailand: orphans, children with HIV and AIDS, street kids, refugee children and children with disabilities.  Nearly 2,000 children rely on our support, and that number continues to grow.

We support three orphanages across Thailand.  Some of our children have lost one or both parents; others have been abandoned.  We support three homes for HIV positive children, many children have lost their parents to AIDS, or have been rejected by their families or communities.  We help the children in these projects have access to food, education, healthcare, and most importantly, love.

Three projects in Pattaya provide special care, accommodation and education for deaf children, blind children and young people with disabilities.   Another two projects in Pattaya provide a home and a safe haven to the street children living in awful poverty, and often in great danger.  These young people need help and security to re-adjust to a more normal life and rediscover their childhood.

In the north, refugee children fleeing Burma find a place of safety. 700 of them at the Hsa Thoo Lei school, where we are the sole source of financial support.

We could go on.  Each day brings new children, new challenges, and greater need.