Thai Children’s Trust supports those children in Thailand and Burma, who face the biggest risk and threat to their wellbeing. We support children who are orphaned, disabled, HIV positive, living on streets; refugees and migrant children from Burma, Laos and Cambodia. The Trust was found in 1982 by Baron Riccardo Carini KC*SG KCHS (1930-2014).

TCT helps organisations in Thailand and Burma to provide shelter, meals, medical assistance, education and a stepping stone into a better future with hope and care. We reach over 4000 children (with numbers growing) aiding 40 different “schools” and “safe houses”.

We believe that providing a starting point for these children gives them a better chance to stand on their own feet in the future. We support their education and helping them to build sustainable farms to learn to feed themselves.

We depend on regular support from our donors as we are not funded by the government.  Our ambition, thanks to our supporters, is to give every child a fair start to their life.