It doesn’t matter who you are or what your situation, becoming a parent is a very big event in your life. But our society does not recognise its importance. It does not make sure that services are right and that support and information is there for every mum dad. NCT supports over one million parents every year through courses, information and a network of local support.

Since 1956, NCT has been a voice of change for parents. From championing the right of dads attending the birth of their baby to ensuring that maternity care is appropriate for the needs of women and their families, NCT works to ensure that parents’ needs are recognised.

With over 300 local branches, we provide a network of support to prevent parents from feeling isolated in the early days of life with a baby. We also run UK-wide helplines offering expert support and information on pregnancy and birth, breastfeeding and life as a parent.

We run dedicated projects across the UK to provide extra support for parents who find it hard to access mainstream maternity care and postnatal services. This includes working with young mums, refugees and asylum seekers, and women in prison.