At Down’s Syndrome Scotland we work to help people with Down’s syndrome reach their full potential by providing information and support to them, their families, carers and professionals. As the only organisation in Scotland focusing solely on Down’s syndrome, we are for many people their first point of contact for information and support.

We provide information for new parents enabling them to learn more about Down’s syndrome and how it may affect their baby and we help them to connect with other families in their local area. Our branches across Scotland arrange a variety of clubs and activities that children, young people and adults with Down’s syndrome, and their families can take part in. These range from parent and toddler groups to theatre and sports groups.

We produce a range of publications about all aspects of Down’s syndrome and provide training to staff working in schools, health and social services.

We do a lot of good work and but with your help we’ll be able to do even more.

£100 will provide training and ongoing support to a school educating a child with Down’s syndrome.

£50 will keep a ‘Parent Contact’ up to date with current practice and support from national office.

£5 each month will provide telephone support for a year for a family with a young baby with Down’s syndrome.